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Brooksher Ballet brings the unique teaching gifts of Joshua and Natasha Brooksher to the Phoenix East Valley. Their ability to make genuine ballet training fun and exciting gives students a true appreciation for hard work and accomplishment. The Brookshers have immersed themselves in the “commercial and competition studio scene" over recent years, raising the overall level of dance training across the board while remaining within the constructs of the competition studio schedule. Now Brooksher Ballet raises the bar even higher by creating a hybrid ballet school and competitive company in our new home at Impact Dance. Brooksher Ballet can also be found at two satellite locations hosted by Artistic Motion Dance in Queen Creek and Dance Connection Scottsdale in Scottsdale.
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It’s the Connecting Steps… that connect us.
April 13, 2014
It’s the Connecting Steps… that connect us.

"One of the most prevalent defining attributes of a great artist is technical accomplishment…nothing extra, nothing except the purity of their command of their chosen language of expression.... these individuals possess a total and utter mastery of physical form and artistic expression. "

No Guts No Glory
May 23, 2013
No Guts No Glory

A student may have fears, about trying a new step, about putting on pointe shoes for the first time, about getting injured, about performing for thousands of people, about introducing themselves to a director. All are legitimate causes for worry...

Competitions--- Pros & Cons
May 11, 2013
Competitions--- Pros & Cons

...the professional landscape of high level training, of the technical requirements demanded by the professional world, as well as how to deal with the pressure of executing a peak performance on demand are all aspects of involvement in competition...

Class Time vs. Rehearsal Time
May 6, 2013
Class Time vs. Rehearsal Time

...sometimes life does throw a curve ball that removes the option of attending or participating in class...the reality is that daily ballet class is the foundation of all progress, and is crucial to the continued development and success of our students.

Dance - Is it a sport?
May 10, 2013
Dance - Is it a sport?

...taken on the guise of a sport, in that it has been used as a vehicle for students to test their accomplishments...there is a more primal and ancient aspect to dance, one that has been present in our collective psyche since the beginning of humanity itself...

Have I found a good teacher?
June 20, 2013
Have I found a good teacher?

There are a great many ingredients needed for the development of a successful dance artist, but among the most important is a teacher and mentor who knows how to bring varying aspects of training together in a systematic method. The search for a teacher...

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